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by Legrand


  • Perfect anywhere you’d like to upgrade the look of a standard wall switch, dimmer switch or outlet. 
  • The design has no visible screws and features a brushed stainless steel cast metal finish.
  • The adorne 1-Gang+ Wall Plate is perfectly sized to fit any combination of up to one plus size, one standard + one half-size, and up to three half-sized adorne Switches or Outlets.
  • Includes mounting frame for adorne devices.
  • Say bye-bye to bland and hello to the possibilities with adorne wall plates. Designed with the same inventive style as adorne switches, dimmers, outlets and accessories. These screwless wall plates simply snap into place the included metal frame for near-effortless installation. And with dozens of options to choose from, including lush cast metals like the one you see here, as well as genuine. rich wood finishes and an array of vivid colors. They're the perfect finishing touch for your project or remodel.

    A plate this vibrant makes any wall impossible to ignor, particularly when paired with an adorne switch, dimmer or outlet.

    -- See Details tab for more information --
    Part Number AWP1G3BL4
    Part Number AWP1G3BR4
    Part Number AWP1G3GR4
    Part Number AWP1G3LA4
    Part Number AWP1G3TM4
    Part Number AWP1G3WH4
    Part Number AWP1G3WHW4
    Part Number AWP1G3MG4
    Part Number AWP1G3GG4
    Part Number AWP1G3NK4
    Part Number AWP1G3PW4
    Part Number AWP1G3BN4
    Part Number AWP1G3CA4
    Part Number AWP1G3GS4
    Part Number AWP1G3HB4
    Finish Pale Blue
    Finish Bronze
    Finish Graphite
    Finish Satin Light Almond
    Finish Titanium
    Finish Gloss White
    Finish Gloss White/White
    Finish Magnesium
    Finish Greige
    Finish Black Ink
    Finish Powder White
    Finish Bleu Noir
    Finish Carnival
    Finish Golden Sands
    Finish Hibiscus
    UPC 785007024623
    UPC 785007024357
    UPC 785007023800
    UPC 785007024791
    UPC 785007024432
    UPC 785007023831
    UPC 785007035056
    UPC 785007050738
    UPC 785007071290
    UPC 785007071221
    UPC 785007071368
    UPC '785007270228
    UPC '785007270297
    UPC '785007270365
    UPC '785007270433
    Item Weight 1.0 lb
    Product Dimensions 5.13"H x 3.45"W x 0.35"D
    Light Kit Included Plastic
    Family adorne
    Style Transitional
    Category Switch Plates
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