ADTP703TUM4 ADTP703TUW4 ADTP703TUG4 Adorne sofTap Dimmer, 700W (Incandescent, Halogen, MLV, Fluorescent, ELV, CFL, LED)

by Legrand


  • Tru-Universal technology allows for any bulb type and eliminates flicker.
  • Use on its own to control a light from one location (single-pole operation) or pair with a second switch or dimmer to control a single light source from two locations (three-way operation).
  • This 700W version of the sofTap Dimmer Switch is meant for single fixtures and small lighting groups that do not exceed a total wattage of the number of bulbs multiplied by their respective wattages.
  • Pair with matching sofTap Switch or Wi-Fi Ready sofTap Dimmer Switch to create a uniform look throughout a room or your entire house.
  • Engineered with an innovative micro-movement that lets you turn lights on and off or dim them with a soft "tap" of your finger. Adjust light levels further with a gentle press up or down on the dimming paddle. And with its patented Tru-Universal technology, this dimmer automaticcally adapats to any light load, light bulb type or combination of loads attached to it, eliminating flicker, early dropout or "pop on" deficiencies that can often plague other non-adaptive dimmers. Pair it with any fixture and you're done

    Wall plate not included.

    *The wattage of your bulbs must not exceed the wattage of the dimmer switch.

    Part Number ADTP703TUM4
    Part Number ADTP703TUW4
    Part Number ADTP703TUG4
    Finish Magnesium
    Finish White
    Finish Graphite
    UPC 785007023176
    UPC 785007023220
    UPC 785007233919
    Item Weight 1.0 lb
    Product Dimensions 4.2"H x 1.77"W x 1.79"D
    Family adorne
    Style Transitional
    Category Dimmers
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