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Call Us Today: 1-800-767-5333

Ultra Fast USB Charging

As of November 2020, all iPhones come with the USB-C–to–Lightning cable necessary to take advantage of the faster charging the USB-C port offers. Luckily there is no need to fumble with finding the right brick adapters anymore! New wall outlets by adorne® add style to your home and provide super fast USB charging for your iPhone or Android device.

Charge phones, tablets and more up to 40% faster, with Ultra-Fast USB Outlets from the adorne® Collection. Made to deliver a leading 6 amps of power, these products feature two built-in USB connections, including solutions for USB Type-C devices, and provide a fast, future-proof solution for convenient in-wall charging without an adapter. Easily replacing traditional outlets in as little as ten minutes, this Ultra-Fast USB Outlet transforms your space with modern functionality and the unique, contemporary aesthetic of adorne. Made exclusively for use with screw-less Wall Plates from the adorne® Collection.

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